I Look To Really Work With Patients That Are Their Own Best Advocate.

This area of your body, like I always say, is the most over-utilized and the most under-appreciated part of your body, Gangopadhyay said. look at this siteYou dont miss it until it starts messing with your daily activities. Gangopadhyay described what she considers the three prongs of foot and ankle import: work, recreation, independence. Many patients, she said, only come to see her when one of the three has been disrupted by some form of pain or discomfort. I always remind my patients that they are the biggest part of their care, she said. I look to really work with patients that are their own best advocate. Gangopadhyay discussed and answered questions about a number of foot and ankle ailments that often plague people of all professions and ways of life. Among them, bunions, hammertoes and tendon or bone issues, can be treated many times without extensive surgery and rehabilitation, but Gangopadhyay noted not every foot requires the same treatment. Treatments offered at the Lexington Medical Center include tendon repairs, diabetic foot management and surgery and referrals for custom molded orthotics. Its about exhausting your conservative treatment and check this following the right procedure for you, Gangopadhyay said. Gangopadhyay also stressed the importance of having specialists like herself involved in any lower extremity issues from the beginning. Many times, she said, minor disorders or cuts and abrasions can lead to more severe issues and even amputation. According to Gangopadhyay, for issues that do grow into below-the-knew amputations, just 69 percent of patients survive the first year after, and just 30 percent survive five years after.

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